No matter how good you think your relationship is with your landlord, they’re in the business of maximizing  profits by getting the most rent possible on every office lease renewal

While you may be convinced you are getting a good deal on your office lease renewal, this is often not the case, and there’s more than just the rent to think about. Parking charges, operating expense pass throughs and add-ons, security deposits, tenant improvement allowances, lease options and endless complicated and misleading lease terms and conditions, with far reaching financial and operational implications, are all up for negotiation.

Until you create competition for your tenancy and hire a qualified tenant representation advisor, your landlord will likely consider you a captive tenant, willing to pay asking or above-market rents on your office lease renewal.

“We had a very positive experience during VoitWorks’ representation of our office space lease negotiations. Thank you for providing such a high level of professionalism, market knowledge and negotiating expertise on our new office lease.”

When representing you on office lease renewals, we firstly conduct a thorough review of your lease to determine the options available for reducing your occupancy costs and building flexibility into your lease to achieve your business goals. We then create significant negotiating leverage with your landlord by identifying alternative opportunities in order to negotiate and secure the most favorable office lease renewal terms possible. We also manage the entire leasing process from start to finish so you don’t have to, saving you valuable time and money and exposure to risk while you focus on running your business.

Finally, it’s important to understand that the real estate commissions paid to your broker representative by your landlord on a lease renewal are nominal compared to the savings we have proven to typically achieve. So there’s really no financial benefit for not hiring an expert to negotiate your lease renewal. 

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