What is Creative Office Space?

Creative office space evolved as a progressive alternative to traditional office space, aimed at enhancing corporate culture and identity, and improving employee recruitment, engagement, productivity, retention and well-being.

However, its physical definition (typically an open plan with concrete floors, open ceilings, unfinished walls) belies its true meaning and potential. Moreover, creative office space is often counterproductive if not precisely delivered to meet businesses’ and employees’ needs.

Numerous workplace studies show that the physical attributes of an office space have a huge positive or negative impact on not just creativity, but productivity, performance, well-being, and recruitment, and most businesses still blindly overlook this. As workspaces, and how businesses utilize them, evolve, so does the scientific understanding of how work environments impact human performance. Thus, the true definition of “creative office” is now being realized as businesses understand the benefits of investing in office space for the benefit of their workforce, and ultimately the success of their business.

A successful creative office space transcends its obvious physical attributes, focusing on form before function. The office space should be an organic, dynamic product, formed from the collective and individual needs of the people and technologies it accommodates, not based solely on a superficial vision of what we think it should look like.

The visual attributes of a space are important in terms of how they are viewed by the employee, and customer. But first, it’s essential to consider critical factors, including temperature, natural light and views, colors, noise control, ergonomics, choice, employee engagement, human behavioral traits, communication, workflow and schedules, and well-being.

A recent study by Warwick University found happy employees are 12% more productive, and unhappy employees are 10% less productive. That’s a 22% variance in performance!

The statistics are endless and continually reinforced by numerous clients of mine. A creative marketing agency in Irvine, California developed a highly functional creative office space in a historic building, which improved company culture, productivity and morale, and recruitment; proof again that office space is evolving from and inconvenient cost of doing business, to an asset that, if tailored thoughtfully to the needs of people, can deliver a significant competitive advantage.

The more an office space is customized towards its ultimate purpose, the more successful and efficient the business it accommodates will be. It’s ultimately about the people. And creative office space in the original and real sense of the word, is what the workforce of the future wants.

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