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corporate real estate services for commercial tenants and owner/occupiers. Save time, money and mitigate risk exposure with our corporate real estate services.



Stop wasting time calling listing brokers and searching old listings on Loopnet. Access 100% of all office listings, and off-market deals. Find the perfect office space in 24 hours.



Buy and sell commercial real estate. Southern California non-institutional buyer/seller investment sales representation and consulting across all asset types.




Need to get out of your lease? List your office space with VoitWorks and we’ll sublease, assign or even terminate your lease, so you can realign your office space with your business plan.



Are you sure you know what’s in your lease? Save money with a free lease audit to identify cost saving opportunities, high risk lease terms, and critical dates.



Your building may be worth more than you think! Get professional advice on your building’s value with our Broker Opinion of Value report and the latest sale and lease comparables.




Stop wasting money on rent. Buy an office building instead! It’s often cheaper to own office space than rent it. Find out with a Lease / Buy analysis.



Create the perfect customized workplace for your business, maximize space efficiency and human performance, and boost your business’s bottom line.



Calculate exactly how much office space you need.

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Search, Negotiate, Save.

Save time, money and mitigate risk exposure with our full-service corporate tenant representation services.

Tenant Representation benefits include:

Strategic Advice

Develop a real estate strategy aligned with your business plan.

See All Listings

100% Access to ALL listings, including off-market deals.

Maximum Time Savings

Delegate the real estate process to a corporate real estate services adviser, 100% accountable to your needs and decisions.

Maximum Cost Savings

We’re expert negotiators and often save clients over 30% in total occupancy costs.

No-Cost / Great Value

We share the landlord’s listing broker’s commission, which is paid in full whether or not you’re represented.

No-hassle / Full-service

We manage the entire process, including the build-out and a seamless turn-key move-in.

Tenant Representation

  • Property search/Market research
  • Coworking/Plug & Play solutions
  • Subleases
  • Lease renewals
  • New lease negotiations
  • Lease cost audits
  • Lease restructuring
  • Lease terminations
  • Tenant Improvement project management

Buyer Representation

  • Property search/market research
  • Financial analysis
  • Escrow & due diligence
  • Build-out project management
  • Project leasing
  • Property management


  • Save time and money by outsourcing the process
  • Significantly reduce your real estate costs
  • Mitigate exposure to financial and real estate risk
  • Ensure exposure to every opportunity
  • Execute effective real estate strategies
  • Negotiate financial and operating freedom
  • Enhance workplace efficiencies and productivity

We know commercial real estate….We understand what matters for business too….We’re expert negotiators and strategists with the relationships that count….And we know what makes landlords tick. Stay focused on your business and we’ll find, negotiate, and deliver you the perfect customized turn-key office space.


Appreciate Your Real Estate

Southern California non-institutional buyer/seller investment sales representation.

VoitWorks provides customized, full-service property Investment sales and consulting services to many of Orange County’s wealthiest individuals, investment groups, and foreign investors.

By leveraging Voit Real Estate Services’ renowned market research and deep relationships with Orange County’s private commercial real estate investment community, we deliver maximum exposure to a wide array of investment properties, and off-market opportunities.

We leverage a full-service investment management platform for maximizing every client’s investment value:

  • Property search
  • Acquisitions and dispositions
  • Sale and leaseback
  • 1031 exchange
  • Market research
  • Investment advisory and consulting
  • Facilities, property and portfolio management
  • Property valuation
  • Capital markets
  • Debt restructuring/refinancing

VoitWorks will consult with you to provide detailed financial projections based off sophisticated financial modeling and comparable analysis to determine the value of each property, and then customize a solution that best meets your long-term acquisition or disposition goals – all while adding value and maximizing economic potential.


Save time. See everything!

Don’t waste your time with listing brokers and old listings on Loopnet. Access 100% of all office listings, and off-market deals with VoitWorks.

We subscribe to the latest market info unavailable to the public, providing access to all commercial real estate listings via numerous listing services, for 100% access to every available property from every brokerage and landlord.

Just submit your office space search request and our corporate real estate services team will email you a fully comprehensive report of every listed commercial property that meets your needs, including any off-market deals.

Find the perfect office space in 24 hours:

Access 100% ALL real estate listings
Search space for lease, sublease and sale
Access off-market listings
Save time
Full info including brochure and floor plans

Save time searching yourself and let us do the research. We have the latest market info not available to the public or online, including access to all commercial real estate listings, to ensure you 100% access to every listing from every brokerage.


Need to get Out of Your Office Lease?

Our corporate real estate services can help! Sublease, assign or even terminate your lease to cut your occupancy cost and realign your office space with your business plan.

5 good reasons to sublease your office space lease:

Reduce your real estate costs
Expand or downsize your business
Relocate or consolidate multiple offices
Internal business restructuring
Secure rental income on unused office space

Contact us for a free sublease consultation and get the advice you need to cut your lease cost and right-size your office space with your business plan.


Your Building May Be Worth More Than You Think

Get professional advice on your building’s true value.

5 good reasons to value your property:

Decide whether to sell your property
Internal accounting requirements
Refinance to reduce debt/extract equity
Property tax appeal / reassessment
Sale & Leaseback to secure equity capital/operational flexibility

Real estate investors and business alike should know what their building is worth. Our complimentary Broker Opinion of Value reports reference the latest real estate market data and comparable sale transactions, to identify the exact value of your property, or a property you’re interested in buying.


Are You Sure You Know What’s In Your Lease?

Commercial tenants are often unknowingly overcharged by landlords.

We analyse all our corporate real estate services clients’ leases and rent invoices for 5 critical items…

Prohibited operating cost and capital improvement pass-through charges
Restrictive and high risk lease terms and pitfalls
Erroneous operating expense charges and accounting errors
Opportunities for you to realign your workplace with your business model
Solutions for reducing your lease cost

VoitWorks provides Lease Audits and other consulting services at no-cost, subject to absolute confidentiality between us and you. Upon completing the Lease Audit you’ll receive an explicit yet simple lease summary notifying you of all the critical dates and lease terms that matter to you, along with our professional recommendations for reducing your occupancy cost and renegotiating your lease to capitalize on other opportunities.


Stop Wasting Money On Rent

Buy an office building instead! It’s often much cheaper to own your office space than it is to lease it.

Our corporate real estate services include complimentary lease vs buy analyses on a fully-explicit post-tax basis to help you quickly decide if it’s cheaper to buy or lease a property for your business.

The 3 main benefits of owning vs leasing include…

Financial savings, equity and appreciation
Control costs and business operations
Significant Tax Savings

Financial savings are typically the key motivator for a business to buy a building. However, owning and operating a property requires additional responsibility and long-term commitment, and may not be right for your business. Request a lease / buy analysis based off your exact circumstances and most suitable financing structure, and we’ll help you weigh up the operational pros and cons of owning vs. leasing, so you can make the right decision for your business.


Elevate Your Workplace

Create the perfect customized workplace to boost business performance.

Workplace Strategy is the dynamic alignment of an organization’s work patterns with the work environment to enable peak performance and reduce costs

An effective corporate real estate services and workplace strategy can…

Reduce occupancy costs and office footprint
Drive revenue through increased creativity and communication
Improve employee recruitment, retention, wellbeing and productivity
Enhance operational flexibility and adaptability
Strengthen internal and external brand identity

Discover how to maximize the efficiency of your workplace to drive business growth and improve employee recruitment, retention, wellbeing and productivity.

  • Stefan has been an indispensable asset for our company. His detailed expert approach to our challenging commercial real estate needs ensured our leasing success. We cannot recommend Stefan any higher.

    — Esports Arena
  • Working with Stefan has be a great experience. Very professional and knowledgeable.

    — MCG Architecture
  • Have been working with Voitworks for my commercial lease and lease renewal needs for the past 10+ years. He has always been attentive and professional and I highly recommend them.

    — Par Plus
  • Professional and caring. Voitworks work hard to insure that their client's concerns are addressed and that their clients feel comfortable and informed regrading their choices.

    — Irvine Urgent Care
  • The team at VoitWorks were simply excellent. They were with us every step of the way throughout the process of purchasing our commercial building in Irvine. They went above and beyond to make the process as seamless as possible. It was a challenge due to some probate issues, however, the Voit team handled these challenges with expertise and professionalism. We are very grateful for their assistance throughout the entire process. Thank you!

    — Doyle Schafer McMahon
  • I have been extremely happy with the services provided to me by Stefan. He is extremely professional, dedicated and driven.

    — Orange County Diagnostics
  • Plex is very, very pleased and thankful for the work and effort that the two of you put forth and as a result I am very happy and thankful for the job the two of you have done, so thank you!

    — Plex
  • Thanks so very much!!! It takes a lot to move me, because I hate moving, but this is truly a really great move.

    — Synergy
  • VoitWorks renegotiated a new lease at over 20% below fair market value and reduced our occupancy costs by 25%. We couldn't have achieved such exceptional results without their market knowledge and negotiating expertise.

    — Crocs
  • VoitWorks was very creative in finding a flexible and cost effective solution to our rapidly changing real estate needs. Their expertise and negotiating strength exceeded our expectations and saved us a great deal of time and money.

    — Brilliant Blue

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