Lease Cost Audit

Lease Cost Audit

Lease Cost Audit

Are you sure you know exactly what’s in your lease?

Commercial tenants are often unknowingly overcharged by their landlords. VoitWorks’ comprehensive occupancy cost and service charge audit services have recaptured hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings for our clients.

We analyse your lease and rent invoices for:

  • Erroneous operating expense charges and accounting errors
  • Prohibited operating cost and capital improvement pass-through charges
  • Restrictive and high risk lease terms and pitfalls
  • Opportunities for you to cut your overhead
  • Opportunities for you to realign your workplace with your business model

VoitWorks provides this and other consulting services at no-cost, subject to absolute confidentiality to protect your best interests. We’ll also provide you with an explicit yet simple lease abstract document summarizing all the key and critical lease terms and dates that matter to you so you can stay one step ahead of your landlord.

‘Voit reduced our operating costs by 29% and was able to negotiate critical expansion space without interruption to our business operations.’
Metropolitan West Capital Management

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