Doyle Schafer McMahon

Irvine, California

Doyle Schafer McMahon Cuts Office Space Lease Cost and Upgrades to Class A Building


New office Lease




8,500 SF


Irvine, California


Doyle Schafer McMahon, presented with challenging office space lease renewal terms, required professional real estate advice from VoitWorks. The firm’s current facility was old-fashioned and proved to be an inefficient work environment. There was a strong desire to relocate into a more modern, functional, Class A building, albeit without increasing occupancy costs.


We undertook a comprehensive audit of the existing lease and a comparable financial analysis of Doyle Schafer McMahon’s ideal facility to determine the most favorable real estate strategy. Soft market conditions and our knowledge of the latest comparable lease transactions enabled us to negotiate the most cost-effective lease terms possible, including a turnkey tenant improvement package with a rental structure substantially less than the firm was currently paying.


By outsourcing the real estate process to us, Doyle Schafer McMahon was able to remain focused on the lease renewal negotiation while also actively pursuing alternative lease and purchase opportunities. The result was a brand new, high-image, facility with reduced occupancy costs and substantial time savings for the firm’s principals. Doyle Schafer McMahon has since continued to hire VoitWorks on subsequent occasions to negotiate further expansion of its office space as it continues to grow its business.

“We had a very positive experience during VoitWorks’ representation of our office space lease negotiations. Thank you for providing such a high level of professionalism, market knowledge and negotiating expertise on our new office lease.”

Negotiated Concessions Include:

    • Multiple rights to expand

    • Heavily discounted parking

    • Well below fair market value rental rate

    • Turnkey tenant improvement allowance


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