World Leader in Surveillance Camera Systems expands US HQ in Orange County, CA

“VoitWorks was extremely proactive in managing the entire leasing process for us. In an extremely tight market with no obvious suitable opportunities, they proved invaluable in uncovering an “off-market” opportunity that accommodated all our needs.”


IQinVision was rapidly outgrowing its space and required a new headquarter office facility with dry lab and storage space. Its real estate needs were very unique and there was very little commercial property to choose from in the desired location.


After analyzing IQinVision’s real estate needs, we canvassed the target market to identify every building that met its needs. A suitable facility was uncovered, which Voit learnt was soon to be vacated. We quickly opened negotiations with the owner and secured a new lease 20% below fair market rental value with a large tenant improvement allowance. Voit also organized a professional team to design and build the tenant improvements and coordinated the entire process.


The premises was delivered ahead of schedule and the tenant improvements were completed significantly under budget, providing IQinVision the unexpected benefit of a six-figure cash sum to pay down advanced rent. The building also offers long-term room for growth.

IQinVision’s Negotiated Lease Concessions Include:

  • $1.85/SF/Month Average Rental Rate
  • 6 Months Free Rent
  • Building Top Signage
  • Multiple Options To Expand


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